Smart Smoker USA – Living The American E Cigarette Dream

It’s official, Smart Smoker USA is now live!

This month signals the launch of Smart Smoker USA which means that our electronic cigarettes from Smart Smoker will now be easily available to millions of smokers in America, meaning that more and more people can enjoy the real alternative.

Around 440,000  Americans die every year from tobacco related illnesses and so with the recent introduction of Smart Smoker’s electronic cigarette to the USA, we can contribute to reducing that horrifying death toll.

This is a major step for Smart Smoker who, up until now have enjoyed rapid success in the UK, Ireland and Spain. When we compare the size of the US e-cig market to that of the UK, for example, we see there are around seven times as many smokers in America than there are in the UK and by just half of them switching to the electronic cigarette, millions of people could reduce their risk of coronary heart disease, lung failure, cancer and circulatory problems.

This is a hugely exciting and encouraging time for e-cigarettes, which contain no harmful substances such as tar, cyanide or carcinogens. The prospect of the American market is one that would really make a difference to so many peoples’ lives as well as getting this fantastic product recognised as a global brand

One of the most encouraging things about the introduction of the e-cigarette to America is that due to the huge number of large, well established, Nationwide chain stores that the country has, Smart Smoker can be quickly distributed across the nation, making it a widely recognised brand and therefore making electric cigarettes, a trusted and respected, real alternative.

If you’d like to find out more about the new Smart Smoker venture, please visit

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