Platinum Ice Eliquid – A Cool Addition to Smart Smoker

We have had a great response at Smart Smoker, since we introduced e liquid to our roster of products in 2011. Our range of e liquids has been steadily increasing since then and the number of different flavours is now pretty extensive.

It’s now 2012 and we are delighted to take our great e liquid stock to the next level by introducing for the very first time at Smart Smoker, the highly popular, much sought after Platinum Ice 54mg mixing fluid.

It’s produced exclusively in the UK and is designed especially for those e liquid connoisseurs who love nothing more than to experiment with new flavours, mixing existing e liquids together to make their own signature flavours.

If you are an experienced mixer than you will probably have encountered Platinum Ice before but if not, then it’s important to head off to the Platinum Ice E Liquid page to check out all the instructions to see just what you can create and how you can do it.

Those of you who have purchased Platinum Ice elsewhere in the past are also likely to be very impressed with our very competitive pricing structure.

If you are new to the Smart Smoker brand of the e cigarette in general, then we give you a very warm welcome and hope you will join us for what is set to be a very exciting 2012, with lots of new products and a number of big announcements coming your way soon. Stay tuned!

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