Electronic Cigarettes Now Available in UK Supermarkets

Is it simply a sign of the times or just a clever move by one of the leading UK supermarkets to begin stocking electronic cigarettes? In March 2012, Tesco began stocking e cigarettes in its in store pharmacies up and down the country.

Whatever the reason it’s certainly a bold move from the superstore and surely evidence that the electronic cigarette is here for the long haul as a direct and genuine alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes (or analogues as they are often referred to in the world of e cigs).

Here at Smart Smoker, it’s already been an incredible journey and we have been delivering the Smart Smoker brand of e cig to vapers throughout the UK and Europe since 2008 (we were one of the first major online distributors in the UK) and our range of products has grown and evolved through each generation of the e cig to where we are today with models such as the “Breeze”, “Hurricane”, “Storm”, “Cyclone” and the “Typhoon Tank”.

Initially, we stocked only hardware but as the “vaping” industry embraced new products so did Smart Smoker, which in 2011 began to stock a wide range of e liquids and flavours and in 2012, we introduced the mixing fluid known as Platinum Ice to our roster of products for the first time.

So, supermarkets have begun to stock e cigarettes. We wonder how long it will be before you can by your favourite Smart Smoker electronic cigarettes down at the local convenience store.

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