Electronic Cigarette A-Z – Cartridges

This is the third in our series of electronic cigarette blog posts as we work our way through all of the important aspects of the e cigarette world, in alphabetical order.

In chapter one, we looked at things like atomisers, accessories and adaptors. In chapter two we discovered how important batteries and battery charges are for e smokers and we also had a quick look at the Smart Smoker Breeze e cig.

So, what’s in chapter three?

Cartridges – The cartridges are another crucial piece of the electronic cigarette makeup. These cartridges contain the e liquid or nicotine liquid that will eventually be turned into vapour for the e smoker to inhale.

Cartridge size and shape will vary from model to model and the strength of the e liquid inside will also vary depending on your preference. Typically the different strengths are low, medium and high and this will determine the strength of the nicotine and is perhaps designed to give the user flexibility. For example, you might want to start with a strong or high strength cartridge and gradually work down to one that is lower. Cartridges are also available without any nicotine at all.

Tune in again soon for another chapter in the electronic cigarette alphabet!

Electronic Cigarette Alphabet – Batteries, Battery Chargers and the Breeze

In the first episode of the Smart Smoker e cigarette alphabet we looked at things such as atomisers, adaptors, accessories and the no longer needed (with e cigs) ash trays!

In this second instalment we will try and discover a bit more about batteries, battery chargers and the classic Smart Smoker Breeze.

Batteries are an essential component for an electronic cigarette and the wise e smoker will have a little stash of spare batteries for that moment when the juice runs out on the existing one. The life span of each battery will very much depend on what e cig model you are using but without the battery, the atomiser won’t be able to turn your e liquid into vapour.

Thankfully, the batteries are rechargeable, so as long as you have a few spares, there shouldn’t be any need for constant spending on new batteries.

Battery chargers are one of the accessories available for your electronic cigarette and certainly help to prevent any frustration caused by a battery running out just when you need some vapour! Depending on the model, these chargers can recharge several batteries at a time, meaning you can always have a fully charged battery ready to go.

Finally, for this episode at least, we have the popular and classy looking Smart Smoker Breeze, an electronic cigarette that is perhaps most suited to someone who has been a light smoker as this particular e cig produces a lighter “throat hit” than some of the other models available.

For much more information about any of our products, please feel free to head over to the main Smart Smoker website.