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Smart Smoker E-Liquid

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Discover the smart alternative to smoking. Enjoy a completely smokeless cigarette that tastes better, smells better, and still provides that nicotine boost.

Our electronic cigarettes feature the very latest in e-cig technology to provide an excellent smoking alternative that delivers a longer lasting and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Smart Smoker gives you the freedom to smoke anywhere. Smoke legally indoors and in other places where smoking is banned or prohibited. Our revolutionary electronic cigarettes mean no more getting cold and wet - stay dry, stay warm, and get that smoking satisfaction without having to step outside.

Enjoy a healthier way to smoke, and know exactly what you're smoking. There's no tar, no carcinogens, and no other harmful chemicals - just a nicotine boost with a great-tasting, longer-lasting flavour. Get the satisfying tobacco taste or try our range of unique smoking flavours for a whole new smoking experience.

Spend less and save money. At Smart Smoker smoking doesn't have to be expensive. Our electronic cigarettes are 70% cheaper than traditional cigarettes - so if you're a 20-a-day smoker, you'll find that you make savings of around £1,750 every year!

Our electronic cigarette starter kits come with everything you need to get started. Discover the benefits and order your e-cigarette today.

Find a realistic smoking alternative that's both healthier and cheaper.

Breathe easy with Smart Smoker. Feel healthier and know exactly what you're smoking. Smart Smoker means no carcinogens, no tar, and no more yellow teeth - and you won't find any of the other harmful chemicals that you normally find in cigarettes either.

We utilise the very latest in e-cig technology to bring you some of the most realistic electronic cigarettes currently available on the market. With their smooth vapour production, accurate size and glowing red tip, our e-cigs are so realistic they're sometimes mistaken for real cigarettes (so you can expect other e-cig smokers to ask you where they can purchase one themselves!).

Make great savings. With Smart Smoker, smoking doesn't need to be expensive. Our renewable e-cig cartridges will provide a smoking experience that lasts the same time as 12 -14 normal cigarettes, which means that you could enjoy savings of up to 70% - that's the equivalent of around £1,750 every year.

Compare this with how much a 20-a-day smoker will spend on cigarettes every year: roughly £2,595.

Ultimate smoking convenience.

Smoke wherever and whenever you like - whatever the weather. Smoke at work, in the restaurant or in the bar. Smart Smoker electronic cigarettes provide a smoking alternative that's much more convenient than traditional cigarettes. No ash means you won't need to worry about an ashtray, and you won't find yourself left holding a foul-smelling cigarette butt once you're finished.

Eliminate the risk to others and put a stop to second-hand smoke. With no passive smoke, no CO2 air pollution and no risk of fire, enjoy a safer smoke that won't irritate those around you. The realistic smoke-like vapour produced by our range of E cigs vaporises entirely within a few seconds, so there's no lingering tobacco smell and no visual residue left in the air.

Choose your strength and choose your flavour.

Put an end to craving. Our electronic cigarettes feel just like the real thing. The vapour that you inhale still contains nicotine, so you'll never find yourself craving for a nicotine boost - and the renewable cartridges are available in your choice of nicotine strengths and smoking flavours.

Are you a heavy smoker? Try our high nicotine strength cartridges and get the same satisfaction from smoking as you do from real cigarettes. Taper the strength to gradually lower your nicotine intake, and mix up the flavours for a whole new smoking experience.

Finding an alternative to smoking shouldn't mean losing that classic tobacco flavour. We have a great tobacco flavour selection for you to choose from, so you can enjoy your electronic cigarette just the way you like.

Try the tobacco and the cool menthol flavours, or go for something completely different. Enjoy the tasty aroma of cinnamon or cappuccino, or our bittersweet cherry, red grape or refreshing lemon flavours.

At Smart Smoker we have something for everyone, no matter what your taste.